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The Quince Way:

By Evie Kennedy | Tuesday, 11 April 2023

How to add an instant pop of colour to your home – in partnership with Fenwick and Tilbrook

We’re proud to have partnered with Fenwick and Tilbrook to add a splash of colour to one of properties in The Cotswolds, The Owl’s Barn.

Whether it is a Cotswold stone barn, WWII coding hut or a seaside sanctuary for weary travellers, our Founder, Sarah Wood, understands the importance of how a property’s interior can affect a guests first impression and mood.

Sarah’s love of colour is always incorporated into each property. With the hope to fill guests with inspiration to leave them feeling invigorated throughout their holiday, each space needs to be fun. Each holiday house offers something unique, but the main aim is to always create a space where visitors can kick off their shoes and dive into high end comfort.

When we discover a new property we always try to start with a blank canvas. Taking inspiration from the surrounding area and local people, we’re keen to understand the character of the house and how to bring it to life. The easiest way to do this is through a colour palette that’s not just inspiring, but playful too.


We use Fenwick and Tilbrook paints throughout all of our properties, the quality and range of colours of the paint and even down to the service of the team, keeps us coming back for more.  They’re an independently owned and family run paint creator based in Norfolk.


The Owl’s Barn was in some desperate need of a refresh and a fresh lick of paint. Using shades 87: Rusty Rose and 86: Lavenham, The Owl Barn kitchen has been transformed into a pink tinted haven, while the hallway is laden with muddy green of SP13 Wiltham Silt.


We’ve listed below some of our top tips to think about before you pick up that paint brush.

  1. Durability


When decorating a holiday home, we need to imagine that guests may have little ones running around, the occasional clumsy visitor and of course, a playful pup, therefore we try to prepare for every eventuality. Fenwick and Tilbrook paint offers great coverage and durability  so we can relax knowing our walls are looked after.  Their Pure Matt Plus has a class 1 wet scrub resistance rating, so mucky marks can be easily removed with warm soapy water. It is important to us to be able to use the same colours with different finishes depending on the room, location and material we are decorating. Whether it’s pure matt plus or ultimate masonry, Fenwick and Tilbrook let us truly customise each room or property as they have a wide range of colours available in six different finishes allowing us to mix and match!

  1. Don’t forget to look up


It’s far too easy to get over excited and pick up a paint brush straight away. Trust us, we’ve all been there! But did you know, it’s always best to paint the ceiling before painting the walls. There is however, an exception to this rule. When you paint a freshly plastered wall you will always need a thin wash of paint called a mist coat. This will keep away those pesky runs and splashes from ceiling painting away from soaking into the plaster which would leave drip marks.

  1. Plan, plan, plan


When we are preparing to paint a new property, we need two products that go hand in hand; Fenwick & Tilbrook paint and a premium grade masking tape. Need  to cover the plug sockets? Avoiding the skirting board drips? The answer is always masking tape. To help give your room a professional finish, you’ll want to make sure you’ve scanned the wall for any holes or cracks. All you need is some sugar soap to clean the gaps and to remove any dust and then some wall filler – jobs a good’un!


With vibrancy and comfort at the heart of each property we create, it’s important to us that the paint we choose has all the qualities we desire, from high pigmentation to high resilience. That’s why Fenwick and Tilbrook is our preferred paint partner for our upcoming projects.


Fenwick & Tilbrook Paint Pots – Image From Instagram

The Owls Barn. Colour: 87 Rusty Rose