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About Quince

Places Full of Sunshine

Every place by Quince is consistent in its standards. You won’t need to second guess how comfy, stylish, well-located a house will be. We’ve created these self-catering holiday houses, we are not an “agency” or a listing site. We own and manage each one. We’ve redesigned each one to deliver the Quince standard mark of enjoyment. Quince takes the usual gamble out of booking a holiday house. And ensures the break you book is carefree, relaxed and brings sunshine into your life.

The Boatmans Reading Rooms

The Team that builds the Dream

Our dream is to cater to you and what you really want from a self-catering holiday house. We are all passionate about what we create and ensuring you have the best holiday possible. That includes the lead designer Sarah, through to Posy the garden creator, and our team of housekeepers. Our aim is to create the perfect environment for you to relax and enjoy.

We are always here if you need us. Just ask.

It has to be Local

Where would we be without our neighbours? We buy local, work with local artisans and makers, and sing the praises of local things to do. It’s better for us, better for the environment and better for you. It’s the locals that know the area best, and together we all gain from their deep-rooted love, tips and ideas.

Can we mention Davina at Mileage in Deal? She has supplied so many wonderful pieces for The Boatmans Reading Rooms. In the Cotswolds, it’s carpenter James and his family who don’t bat an eyelid at our latest creative project; and we are grateful for Chris in the New Forest who is working wonders on the very overgrown garden at The Coding Hut.

The Quince Standard

It’s all about comfort (and style), so come enjoy the best mattresses, the squishiest sofas, and rugs and carpets to sink your toes into. But also take comfort in being worry-free, so there is wooden flooring and tiling in common areas, for shoes, mud, dogs and children too. You get our drift. Sarah then works her magic, bringing colour and design but without the stuffiness.

It all adds up to what we call Quincessential.

The Best of British

There is something uniquely British about Quince. Not just our holiday houses set in amazing locations or the no fuss service; but the whole Quince experience when there.

Each place by Quince has its own original feel, reflecting its environment and place in Britain’s history and landscape. Using the best of local artists and makers, British diversity thrives with Quince. Old blends with new, modern with classic, and outside bathtubs capture the British sense of fun.

So why call ourselves Quince?

Well, it’s down to the sole member of the genus Cydonia, a unique, golden fruit. When picked and prepared properly, just like every Quince place, it’s mouth-watering.

Your Quince awaits. All you need to do, is pick one.