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Through the looking glass 

Looking for a location that broadens the mind that has history etched into the architecture? Look no further than Oxford and Oxfordshire. Home to the oldest English speaking university in the world, Oxford’s atmosphere is instantly felt once you turn off the M40. Just an hour and a half from London, this historic city is ideal for a long weekend of punting and painting or sightseeing and sipping. Explore Oxford your way with Quince.

‘That sweet city with her dreaming spires’ Matthew Arnold

While exploring the banks of river beds that make you feel as though you are walking through JRR Tolkein’s magical land, stop by ancient pubs that are steeped in history, or hop into a punt for a day on the Thames river. Gaze upon the historic spires as you wander through the city of Oxford while staying at our converted barns, The Lock Keeper’s Snipe, The Roebuck’s Rose, The Owl’s Barn and The Barns. Make memories that will match your dreams, with Quince.

Explore more, Stay longer 

When it comes to planning a trip, it takes more than just click, click, book. We have gathered together our favourite hidden gems, tips, tricks and advice for all of our guests during your stay. We completely fell in love with Oxford and Oxfordshire, and of course The Cotswolds, and that is why we have chosen Bampton for our three Chimney Farm Barns. Just 1.5 hours from London, jump onto the M40 and once you arrive, we’ve got everything else sorted. 

A holiday for everyone

We get it. Trying to find activities for every age is challenging. We’ve been there, done that, and have found our favourite places to visit that the whole family will enjoy.

Fancy a stay?

Visit The Barns

Restaurants and pubs around Oxfordshire

Properties with pedigree

At Quince we know that a getaway isn’t seriously complete without the most important member of the family. No pet peeves wanted, just pure happiness and fun-filled days that your pooches will love too. We provide clean dog bowls for your four legged friends, one less thing for you to remember. There is space for two, very well behaved pups in each of our properties, just get in touch and let us know!