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Quince’s Best of British Brands

By Evie Kennedy | Monday, 31 October 2022


At Quince, we strive to keep things as local as possible and celebrate all things British. Each of our properties have their own style that is specific to the location; whether they’re filled with treasures from local boutiques or adorned with hidden gems from our favourite brands. Here are a handful of fantastic British brands that bring a Quince holiday home to life.

Design in every corner

When it comes to soft furnishings, Cox & Cox are our go to – from lamps to mirrors and even our coat hooks, we love that the brand has design at their heart. With each piece curated with the customer in mind, Cox & Cox has an entirely timeless aesthetic that fits effortlessly into each of our properties, no matter what the theme and style of the interior.

A brand’s ethos is important to us, and one that we think showcases a truly honest and trustworthy spirit is Ercol. Using the best materials and high-class techniques,  Ercol is formed of a skilled team who understand quality and impart that into all that they create. Ercol considers every aspect of each product and ensures that every last detail is nurtured to create the ultimate final piece.

We know how important it is to create areas that are as varied as your holiday. From movie nights with the children, to board game tournaments with friends, we know that the perfect sofa is a vital backdrop. For the larger furnishings we know we can always rely on the beautifully handcrafted sofas by

Light it up

Switching us into lamp lovers and bulb believers is the ever bold Pooky. From their hand painted card lampshades down to their pretty pendant ceiling fixtures, Pooky has a design fit for every Quince property. Whether it’s blue hues for The Boatman’s Reading Rooms or the more vivacious patterns of The Lock Keepers Snipe, there is a Pooky light in every location.


Embelishing our cushions and stretching over our walls are a variety of fail safe brands we can trust for vibrant touches, throughout our properties. Redesigning our blinds with Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics and wrapping our cushions in Jane Churchill allows us to personalise and bespoke every inch of our properties with true quality and style in every corner. One brand that we like to spread wherever we can is Zoe Glencross for fabric. Each pattern is hand sketched, hand printed and created using silk screen or lino print techniques.