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Penty on the Hoo: Development update-Phase 1

By Sarah Wood | Monday, 05 September 2022

Having joined Quince as Property Project Manager in early August, I thought it would be fun to share the journey of Penty on the Hoo, as the project progresses over the next six months.

Phase 1 of the build is well under way.  In our world there are 4 Phases.  Phase one is the footings and exterior walls, the first fix of the electrics and plumbing.  Phase 2 is building the internal walls, plastering and completing the roof.  Phase 3 is the internal finishing, 2nd fix of electrics and plumbing as well as the external landscaping and creation of the garden bath house.  Phase 4 is the painting, decorating, lighting, kitchen and flooring.  Thereafter its over to the interior design team for the furnishing and finishing touches!

Phase 1

We are now 3 months into an 8 month project. Working with a local architect and team of talented trades people, please follow us as we transform this former family home into a luxurious five bed, four bath holiday house.  We will be re-landscaping the garden to make several spaces to relax and enjoy and build our signature outdoor bathhouse, for the ultimate place to indulge in a soak under the stars.  The entire property will be wood- clad, to ground the building in its setting and echo the heritage of traditional buildings in the area.


Interior Design

Internally, Sarah Wood will oversee the interior design elements- using her unique eye for design and love of colour to create a truly magical home, that oozes that Quincessential style.

The build so far

When I first visited the site at the beginning of August work was well underway – with the footings in place, the new footprint extends 2m to the front of the property, making a huge difference to the look and feel of the internal rooms. I was lucky enough to be on site to see the install of these 6m long steels, weighing a whopping 240kg each!


Just seven days later and its apparent that the heatwave hasn’t hampered productivity on site – the new walls are up to first floor level already and the old kitchen has left the building, leaving behind the perfect blank canvas to create something very special here, something very Quince!


First Fix on the build is well underway

Internally the stud walls are going up and we start to get a real feel for the new layout and room dimensions, this is when the fun really starts! The electricians have commenced the first fix, the plumbers are snapping at their heals and whilst these two teams work hard on the interior, the builders are moving outside to complete the roof and make the house watertight.

I had a brilliant walkthrough with Sarah Wood this week, to understand her thoughts on furniture, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom  design, in order to ensure to ensure all the lights and power are in the right place, decisions, decisions, decision.