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Travel Trends for 2024

By Sarah Wood | Tuesday, 16 January 2024

So what is everyone talking about in the travel industry for 2024? have produced a very insightful piece on what guests will be looking for in 2024 and I am pleased to say that Quince is ticking quite a few of the boxes.

According to the research, we ended 2023 in a state of numbness and detachment with many choosing to switch off and check out of the ongoing news and cost of living crisis and preferring to take a breather and think forward to their next holiday.  In past years the trend was to ‘escape’ our life but in 2024 we will ‘be’ our life as it is revealed that we feel more alive when on holiday and want to be more like our holiday selves when at home again.  I think most of us can identify with that!


Apparently with temperatures rising, overseas visitors will rise as they take advantage of Uks’s temperate climate.  We find, overseas visitors make great guests but need a little more hand holding which is why we produce an ‘insider track’ booklet to inspire them whilst they are with us.  The new norm is also booking later and later, so the trips are more last minute and spontaneous.  We have seen this trend surface since the pandemic, and we know how much fun that can be, it doesn’t help us with forecasting but in our world all bookings are great!  For those of you running holiday accommodation this means always being ready and perhaps offering incentives 4 weeks out if you have availability to try and encourage those last minute bookings.


There are also growing trends around ‘happy’ design and bringing the outside in.  These two trends were made for us.  Since we began we set out to make ‘places full of sunshine’ and its one of our main taglines, each house is individually curated and designed with wonderful art and fun colours but the aim is the same, it needs to be super comfy but not stuffy and we want you to kick back and enjoy yourselves.  Outside, each of our gardens is designed to provide different views, different sitting areas following the sun but above all greenery and wonderful planting to enjoy, we get this trend.  It’s the idea that you have a view from your bedroom; a little spot to have a coffee and read a book; a space for the kids to play – we plan them all and much more..


The first couple of weeks are showing strong bookings for 2024 so long may it continue.