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Going Going Gone!

By Sarah Wood | Monday, 04 December 2023

Each of our holiday houses are individually designed and created to give our guests a very special experience.  One of our more recent projects in Aldeburgh, Penty on the Hoo, unexpectedly sold recently and we in turn needed to sell all the furniture and furnishings.  A huge exercise from teaspoons to tables but fits well with our promise of repurposing whenever we can,  and t the same time enables others to enjoy some wonderful individual pieces.

Sharing the style

We love sharing our interiors with you and are often contacted by guests wanting to know where we bought a specific item as they want to buy it for their own homes.  So, we weren’t surprised that many items from our recent sale, sold to past guests who wanted a little memory of their holidays.  Particular individual items, we could have sold ten times over there was so much interest and it felt at times like I was running a vintage shop and not a holiday house company!

Mid century interiors

Aldeburgh is a wonderful seaside escape, and when designing the house, I wanted it to stand out from the crowd so the interior was very much a nod to mid century design.  We had many original retro pieces and these proved particularly popular with buyers from the unusual 50’s opaque pendant lights found in a vintage shop to mid century chairs and tables just asking to be re-used in a new setting.



Our philosophy is to always reuse and repurpose items wherever possible. Reducing our environmental footprint is at the core of our business.  With the added advantage that vintage furniture is often better made and with its history lends real style to interiors.  Even the modern pieces we sourced have a vintage mood to them.


We actively source artwork from up and coming artists.  I look far and wide for good pieces and often buy items with no idea where they will go in our holiday house collection.  When it comes to hanging the artwork, which is always the last area we complete, we bring all available pieces to site and just see what works.  In Aldeburgh, we found that a piece I had bought from UK based artist, Andy Marlow,  ‘Earrings and Glasses’ , a couple of years earlier, was just made to hang in the sitting room.  Once you find a pieces ‘place’ you cannot imagine it hanging anywhere else as it lifts the interior to another level.

But this time I was on the other side, trying to sell artwork.  I was nervous that our pieces might be too individual and would not sell – how wrong was I!  In fact the larger and more individual the piece the quicker they sold.  They held their value well and we were amazed and delighted by the result.

Our next sale

We have just completed the details of our next sale so have a peep at this link items for sale and see if anything is of interest.  Natascha and I are always on the end of the phone or email if you want to make an enquiry or purchase any specific item.


If you are not already on our mailing list, do consider joining it as should we want to sell any items, that is the first place we would go.  Meanwhile, if we can help with any information about a specific piece in any of our holiday houses, do get in touch as we are always happy to share.